Cannot Start DevKinsta on Windows 11 Machine


I installed Docker Desktop and DevKinsta today, but for some reason, DevKinsta has been stuck on ‘Starting Docker…’ status for a long time.

The docker engine starts without any issues.

Any help?

Hi @Aniruddh, welcome to DevKinsta!
Is Docker showing any DevKinsta containers or Images?

I’m assuming you have already tried ending the DevKinsta process and starting it again.

Can you please share you main.log file with me as a private message? I’ll try to see if there is an error occurring in the logs.

This log file can be accessed from the Help and Support page in DevKinsta (click the question mark (?) icon in the left sidebar) under the Support forum heading.

Could you please give me the location of the main.log file? The DevKinsta is stuck on the splash screen with ‘Starting Docker…’ status.

And no containers and images are showing up in the Docker Desktop app.

Ah sorry, I completely overlooked that. It will be here on Windows: