DK0004 Couldn't start Docker when start DevKinsta


I just downloaded DevKinsta for my Windows 10, after finished installation. It asked me to install Docker. After that, I re-launched DevKinsta, it gave me this error.


Description: Couldn’t start Docker. Please try to start Docker manually.

DevKinsta couldn’t start Docker Desktop.

I also manually closed Docker and re-open it. The problem remains still.

above is my docker screenshot.

Please tell me how to fix this. Thank you

Hi @min_gong :wave: Welcome to DevKinsta!

It does look like the Docker service itself is having difficulties starting separate of DevKinsta :thinking:

Are you able to try completely closing out DevKinsta and Docker and then opening Docker first to see if it can start up normally, independent of DevKinsta? Once it shows the Docker Engine running then you can try and open DevKinsta to see if it will work :crossed_fingers:

Let us know how it goes!