Can't log in to mykinsta account to push

After installing Kinsta I set up a site and try to push to a server on my kinsta account but when prompted to log in to push the username and password I use show up up with the error: Can’t find user with this username/password. I have changed my password on my account with similar results. Would love to know if this is a known problem or if there is a work around.

Hi @Evan_McEldowney, welcome to DevKinsta!

I’ve actually never seen this issue before. I assume that you are definitely using the correct email address. I also tested creating a new user and was able to log in from DevKinsta/MyKinsta just fine.

The DevKinsta log in uses the same API as, so you you should be able to sign in with the same credentials.

I would recommend maybe restarting your PC/DevKinsta. If that doesn’t change anything please private message your email address to me and I can ask our team to see if the login attempts are reaching us.

Replying to anyone else that has this issue

The issue was with browser cache and password manager for me.

When I reset the password, with my password manager (Keeper) it didn’t go through fully on MyKinsta. Once I changed the password with the password manager disabled, it took the new password, and then I was able to log in with Devkinsta.

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Restart Your Device and Check for an Update.

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