Error with DevKinsta login

I have downloaded and installed DevKinsta, if I create a new empty site everything works perfectly, but if I want to download locally a site hosted in my MyKinsta account it does not allow me to log in. “Cant’t find user with this email/password” but if I click on “Create myKinsta Account” and log in with the credentials I can enter the dashboard without any problems. Can anyone help me?

Hi @chiara,

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with DevKinsta. I am keen to resolve this issue together.

Can you please provide the following?

DevKinsta Version
OS Version
Docker Desktop Version

Can you also send us a copy of your main.log file so that we can check it further and know better what’s causing the issue.

Looking forward to your response.

Hi @merineth,
DevKinsta Version >
OS Version > Windows 11 Enterprise - Version 22H2
Docker Desktop Version > v.4.26.1

Where can I find the main.log file? Sorry, I don’t know where to find it.


Hello :wave:

Here’s how you can view and obtain the main.log file.

main.log (removed)

Here it is!
Thanks for the directions!

Hey @chiara :wave: ,
can you please send me via DM what email address you are using when logging into DevKinsta to pull the site?


Hi Alessandro, thanks for your help! I solved the problem by deactivating the VPN

Hi Chiara,

that’s great news! Thank you for giving us an update :+1:


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