Change CDN status added to MyKinsta’s Bulk Actions

We’ve added the ability to enable and disable Kinsta CDN support to the Bulk Actions available to Managed WordPress Hosting customers. With just a few clicks, you can simultaneously change Kinsta CDN status across multiple website environments .

The CDN can be enabled and disabled for individual sites within the MyKinsta dashboard. This Bulk Actions functionality adds to a list of multi-site updaters that already includes:

How to bulk-update CDN status in MyKinsta

To change Kinsta CDN status for multiple website environments:

  1. Select WordPress Sites in MyKinsta’s main menu and use the checkboxes on the left-hand side of the sites list to choose the environments you want to update.
  2. When one or more environments have been selected, an Actions button and a count of the selected environments appear above the sites list:
The Actions menu is available when environments are selected.
  1. Select Change CDN from the Actions menu. A prompt asks whether you want to Enable or Disable CDN on the selected environments:

Choosing whether to Enable or Disable CDN as a Bulk Action.
  1. Click the Change CDN button to launch the Bulk Action.

The Kinsta CDN is available only for live sites and environments with the Premium Staging Environment add-on. The Change CDN Bulk Action does not affect a free, basic staging environment. For example, in the screenshot below, MyKinsta is reporting a failed attempt to change the CDN status for a basic staging environment:

Screenshot showing success and failure notices after performing Bulk Actions.Status reports for two environments that support the CDN and one that doesn’t.

Create your own bulk actions using the Kinsta API

Did you know you can use the Kinsta API to create your own bulk-action tools for WordPress sites? The API provides a gateway to managing WordPress sites, Web Applications, Managed Databases, and Static Sites hosted by Kinsta.

Currently, you can’t enable or disable the CDN via the API, but you can use it to clear the CDN cache, just as you can with Bulk Actions in MyKinsta.

We’ve got some tips on optimizing your WordPress site environment using the Kinsta API.

At Kinsta, we’re dedicated to engineering new ways to simplify WordPress maintenance. If you’re looking for a blazingly fast and secure hosting provider, check out Kinsta’s plans to find the one that best suits you.

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