Changing the local domain

So far the domain is fixed ‘.local’, it’s a good feature where we can customize this like mysite.test/ or mysite.development/


I’d like to put in a strong request for this feature too. Using the “.local” domain results in issues when trying to test the site on other devices in the local network.
For IOS I was able to find a solution for this in the past:

But for the most recent versions of Android OS it appears there is no proper solution. This is related to the fact that .local domains are officially apparently reserved for mDNS requests so that Android doesn’t resolve .local to the correct IP, not even when a custom entry is made in the local router (LAN DNS), and also not when using VPN apps on Android that allow to add “hosts file entries”.

So when it comes to testing a site on mobile devices in the local network, “.local” is a very unfortunate choice and it would be a very good feature to be able to choose simply a different extension.

See also: Choose different TLD for dev sites (not .local) and Allow our own choice of domain name for imported sites - #2 by GoldyOnline

@Kevin this feature has been requested by quite a few people, any update on when this might be implemented?

There is a big usability update coming in Q4. I’m going to gather up all the forum mentions of this for the devs to make sure it is on their radar. Thanks, @GoldyOnline!

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Sounds great, thanks!

@Kevin Can you make sure the dev team considers a full domain-edit feature for that update? i.e. not only changing the TLD, but let us edit the entire local website domain.

I’m usually prefixing site names with a client name/ID, but don’t want that prefix to be included in the local domain name, like “Customer Name |” → when creating a site with that name, the domain is “customer-name-or-examplecom.local”

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Thanks @philippstracker, that makes sense. I’ll let them know. It sounds like in addition to being able to change the full domain, you should also be able to “relabel” the site name independent of the domain. I’ll point our devs to how the labeling works in MyKinsta.

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