Choose different TLD for dev sites (not .local)

The TLD .local is used by Apple to identify devices via their Bonjour technology.
Dev websites that end in .local can be slow and buggy on Apple devices - the most annoying problem that I’m aware of, is that we cannot test such a .local website on an iPad/iPhone.

Related article: Apple devices might not open your internal network’s ‘.local’ domain - Apple Support


Add a new setting where we can either (a) choose our preferred TLD for development, or (b) a simple text field to enter a TLD. I prefer (a) with the following options:

  • .local (can be used on Win/Android/Linux)
  • .localhost (should be default on macOS)
  • .code
  • .test
  • .stage
  • .kinsta (I’d use it!)

Thanks for the feature request @philippstracker !

@philippstracker I had the same issue with .local on IOS and found a potential solution, for me it’s working fine so far. See iphone - Cannot access .local addresses from my iOS devices - Ask Different where I added the workaround as a new answer to this old case.

Thanks for that suggestion @GoldyOnline, I’ve just tried your solution but unfortunately adding the .local Search Domain did not have any effect on my iPhone.

That is a pity! In any case, I think the feature request to allow to choose the local domain name instead of being forced to use .local is a useful one so hopefully this will be added to DevKinsta.

+1 for this request as a Mac user