Allow our own choice of domain name for imported sites

Please allow us to choose our own local domain name when importing a Kinsta site.


  1. Currently the domain name defaults to using the Kinsta sites ssh username rather than anything related to the site itself. This is unhelpful and does not make it easy to identify the site, esp when I have multiple Kinsta sites imported.
  2. Allow or default to adding the local part to the front of the domain name. e.g. https://local.mydomain.local/ This lets the various plugins recognise that this site is not a live site so does not need an extra license. When we create a staging site on Kinsta it is prefixed Staging so please follow the same for DevKinsta.

Letting us choose our own domain name ( maybe with a tooltip to explain ) solves both issues. It also means the imported site uses a sensible local folder in case we need to access that.

Many thanks


See also Choose different TLD for dev sites (not .local)


I also like to have a custom domain (at least TLD) for DevKinsta sites.

However, I just want to point out that you can actually rename sites in DevKinsta to make it easy for you to recognize them in the UI:
Open the site details view and then click on the “Site Name” field on the right side of your websites’ screenshot.

Also, most plugins recognize a “.local” domain ending to be a development site - most premium plugins I know, use either EDD or Freemius; both list “.local” as not consuming a license:

DevKinsta team
The above plugins consider the following domains as “local development environment” - you might consider those details for this feature request:

  • *.dev
  • .*local
  • dev.*
  • staging.*
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