Imported sites domain name

Is there a way to set the domain name for an imported site?

By default I get something like http://domainguess.local
I have 2 problems with this.

  1. The domainguess name bears no relation to my actual site domain name ( Its using my Kinsta ssh id name ) I’d like to give it something more meaningful.
  2. I’d really like the local part to be at the front or even in addition. e.g. https://local.domainname.local
    This is because many plugins allow the license to be used for free on Staging, Local, Test sites and they determine this on the url. The trailing .local does not trigger this as a valid local/staging/test site so my licenses do not work.


Hi @alanj!
So this is another great feature request if you would like to submit it as one. There’s technically a way to do this but it involves editing a few files with no guarantee that your settings won’t be reset the next time DevKinsta restarts. I’m going to bring this up with our developers as well because it really would be handy to change domain name as needed.

Depending on the plugin developers, you could contact them and ask them if they can manually allow your .local address on your license, but I understand the issue you’re having here and will definitely highlight it to our developers.

Please let me know if you have any other concerns.

Added to the New Features section.

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