Cloud Convert API

I’m experiencing problem using cloudconvert api on kinsta environment

I have created a simple script to convert svg to png: locally or on other environment it works but on kinsta I’ve got this error:
Fatal error : Uncaught CloudConvert\Exceptions\UnexpectedDataException: JsonMapper_Exception: JSON property “started_at” in class “CloudConvert\Models\Job” must not be NULL in

Hi @BeaverLab, welcome to DevKinsta!

Unfortunately, that error doesn’t really say much about what’s going wrong. I also don’t see much documentation about CloudConvert and Docker-based environments. I would suggest asking about the error on CloudConvert’s Github and then going from there cloudconvert · GitHub

It may be a missing dependency or just some incompatibility with our environment. Hopefully the developers can point you in the right direction. Feel free to let us know if it’s something missing with DevKinsta and we can look into it further!