Completely uninstalling DevKinsta

I do I completely uninstall DevKinsta on a Mac. I am having issues with the App and if I just drag it to the trash and reinstall it just picks up from where it left off. Something is causing issues from the last update. It is not behaving as it normally would (Docker starts up but the Docker screen stays visible now, when I quit DevKinsta it does not allow me to restart unless I reboot, etc). I want to completely remove all the DK and Docker files and then start over.

Hey @motorsportprospects . The Docker containers still exist so it makes sense it’ll pick up where you left off.

I know we’re also troubleshooting in the other thread but I’m curious what’s occurring here. How exactly are you quitting DevKinsta? Once exiting out of DevKinsta, could you tell me if DevKinsta is still running in your Task Manager?

I start it in Mission Control. I am quitting by selecting Quit in the top menu. Once I do that it will not relaunch and does not appear in the Task Manager. Even weirder is the fact that I uninstalled it and reinstalled it yesterday and yet it still shows as being installed July 26th.

It almost seems like it is not uninstalling. There has to be a conflict somewhere.

So I uninstalled and then reinstalled everything. It did create a local copy of my site but as you can see from the screenprint, the site picture is blank and I still cannot quit the program. I have to reboot in order to use DevKinsta again. Not sure what is going on.

What exactly occurs when you attempt to quit DevKinsta? Does it continue to show in the bottom bar or on the top right?

I quit as normal then, when I attempt to reopen the app nothing happens.

How exactly are you quitting? I suspect what’s occurring here is that DevKinsta is technically still open.

I select Quit in the file menu in the Top Left of my screen. I suspect that is the issue as well.

:thinking: Does the MacOS Task Manager show that DevKinsta is still running? Also does the DevKinsta icon appear on the top right of your screen?

Ok good news! Yes the icon is in the top right and I can open and close from there. Is this new? I always had the icon on the dock and opened it from there.

That’s great to hear! When you click on the X icon, it minimizes to the top right. We do want to make this easier for folks though and hope to add some UI changes to this in the future. I’m sorry again for the issues here!

We haven’t heard back from you on this topic in a while. However, if you do need further assistance you can simply create a new topic on the forum. Thank you again for using DevKinsta. Let us know if you need further assistance! :wave: