Connecting a local WordPress installation to a remote database on DevKinsta


I’m writing to know if it’s possible for us to connect a local WordPress site to a remote database hosted on DevKinsta.

We assume this will just be a case of setting up an SSH tunnel, although we’ve made attempts at this and we were unsuccessful in doing so.

If this is possible, what do we need to do to achieve this?


Hey @OakleyTDM . Welcome to DevKinsta! I suspect it’s possible, but I don’t have a guide to provide that would help with your specific case. Searching “Connect WordPress from Remote Database” on Google came up with many different solutions, though I haven’t personally set this up before to know which one might be best to recommend. If you do get this to work, we’d love to hear how you got this working!

We haven’t heard back from you on this topic in a while. However, if you do need further assistance you can simply start a new forum thread. Thank you again for using DevKinsta. Let us know if you need further assistance! :wave: