Test WordPress Site locally

Hello everyone,
I’m new user on Kinsta, I want to test my WordPress site by DevKinsta but I don’t know how to do it.
I already have a WordPress site which is on WordPress donation plugins which I want to test.
If any one having suggestion so please share it.
Thanks for your advice.

Hi @jackdoe, welcome!

If you haven’t installed DevKinsta to your local machine yet, that will need to be done first.
We have installation details and system requirements here:

Once DevKinsta is installed there are two ways to approach testing.

*Import an existing site you have configured within MyKinsta by logging in with your email/password, and choosing the Import Site option.
*Create a new site locally with DevKinsta which doesn’t require a MyKinsta login, which you can configure any way you would like including with the plugin you mentioned.

You could also manually import a site from elsewhere using a copy of the files (placed in a newly created sites path), and importing the database using DevKinsta’s built in database manager.

If you run into any issues or questions let us know and we can try to help address those.

Hello @DavidG ,

Thanks for your response.

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