Couldn't create docker containers DK0005

I have just installed devKinsta and was trying to set it up until I was blocked by this error.


According to the error documentation I had to restart my docker and devKinsta and try again, I am still facing the same issue.

I am on a Windows 10 Pro 1909 build.

This is what docker dashboard shows.

Unable to add two media items as a new user. Linking the screenshot of docker dashboard here

I had few errors earlier as well which were somehow fixed by system restart.

Hello :wave: Thanks for reaching out. There may be corruption in the data and best if it’s removed so it can be recreated. Could you try the following steps for me please? Note that this will erase all data and if you’re only using DevKinsta.

Try to run:

docker system prune --all
docker volume prune 

Then restart DevKinsta.
Let me know if that helps!

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@michael It worked.


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