DK0005 - Impossible de créer des conteneurs docker


Je rencontre des difficultés pour installer DevKinsta.
En effet, le processus parvient à installer 3 conteneurs sur Docker.

Puis plante avec ce message : “DK0005 - Impossible de créer des conteneurs docker”

Où puis-je trouver les logs de cette erreur sur DevKinsta ?

Je précise que je ne peux pas lancer DevKinsta en tant qu’administrateur.
Cela fonctionne en WSL 2 mais pas en HyperV et j’ai besoin d’avoir un environnement Docker en HyperV.

J’ai déjà essayé de redémarrer et réinstaller plusieurs fois Docker et DevKinsta.

(Je ne peux pas joindre de screen à ce post car cela m’affiche une erreur m’indiquant que je suis un nouvel utilisateur Kinsta)

En vous remerciant par avance.


Hello :wave:

I am having trouble installing DevKinsta.
Indeed, the process manages to install 3 containers on Docker.

Then it crashes with this message: “DK0005 - Unable to create docker containers”.

Where can I find the logs of this error on DevKinsta?

I would like to point out that I can’t run DevKinsta as an administrator.
It works in WSL 2 but not in HyperV and I need to have a Docker environment in HyperV.

I have already tried to restart and reinstall Docker and DevKinsta several times.

(I can’t attach a screen to this post because it gives me an error that I am a new Kinsta user)

Thank you in advance.

Hey @Kevin_NOCHELSKI welcome to DevKinsta Community!
Can you please share via DM the main.log file?
You can find it at this path:



Thanks for sharing the error via DM @Kevin_NOCHELSKI .
Can you please try to open Docker, go into its settings, and see if in Resources/File sharing Docker has access to any folder?


I’ve added a custom path to a new folder, but I still have the same issue.
If I understand it correctly, I guess DevKinsta is supposed to change this part.

For now I don’t know how to solve my problem.

Hello @Kevin_NOCHELSKI :wave:

Thank you for your reply.
When you load DevKinsta, do you see the Docker Desktop prompts you similar like this (on the bottom right corner on your Windows screen ) ?
Screenshot from 2023-03-20 10-07-06

If you see it, you can just click the “Share it” button, so that sub-folders/path in question can be shared and used properly.
(In your case the " C:\Users\knochelski\DevKinsta\public " sub-folder)

When the “Cancel” button is clicked, DevKinsta would return with this message (as I could replicate just now on my Windows 10 pro machine)

Couldn’t create docker containers.

Screenshot from 2023-03-20 10-07-19

and if you check the main.log file, you will see the error message like the following (this what I got on my main.log file) :

[error] Error: (HTTP code 500) server error - user declined directory sharing C:\Users\iagus\DevKinsta\public

(Similar to the error message as shown in the log you shared before with my colleague, Alessandro)

You could also open your Docker Desktop, and go to the Settings -> Resource -> File sharing section, by default the following paths/sub-folders are listed there:


Please check yours and make sure those are listed there - you may add any of them (in case any if them are missing) to the list and click the “Apply & Restart” button.

Once done, Quit/shutdown the Docker Desktop completely (not only minimized in the taskbar) as well as the DevKinsta, make sure it’s close/shutdown completely.

After that, please try to open DevKinsta once again, and see if it can start Docker and DevKinsta can run properly.