Devkinsta cannot start docker container

DevKinsta freezes every time it gets to the point of starting containers with the error message "devkinsta can’t start docker container dK0009. I have tried deleting the containers that have been formed as per the instructions but a retry results in the same. The message above the containers say

“Error invoking remote method ‘docker-start-container’: Error: (HTTP code 400) unexpected - network devkinsta_network is ambiguous (14 matches found on name)”

The containers, five of them appear to have been formed but each gives a similar message to the above. All apart from one have a Port number. The missing one is devkinsta_fpm kinsta/devkinsta_fpm:0.1.5 but I am not sure if that is relevant?

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling DevKinsta but have the same result after doing so.

Any suggestions to get this working appreciated. I am using Windows 10 Pro if that helps.


Welcome to DevKinsta @adrian29630 ! I’m happy to help. If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind providing us a screenshot of the error that’s appearing above the containers? Would you also be able to privately message me the main.log file here too?


I would love to send you a screenshot but it does not seem to be an option with Docker. The error that appears only does so for a few seconds in any case and then disappears again. As for logs when I click the logs button on an individual container I only get a blank black page with nothing appearing!

In volumes 2 of the containers do seem to appear in green as below

devkinsta_db_data IN USE about 4 hours ago 8 kB
devkinsta_mailhog_data IN USE about 4 hours ago 8 kB

But here again, there is no log being produced.
If there is a way to view logs that you can direct me to I will be happy to provide them!

Kind regards


Update… I decided to use Dockers Purge option and cleared everything and now it works :grinning: I am guessing that something from a previous attempt was interfering with the integration and purging everything cleared the blockage. So all is now well.

Thanks for responding and quickly and hopefully I will not need to contact you again.

Kind regards


Thanks for letting us know what worked for you @adrian29630 !

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