Creating new site

@Maor_Benzvi I’m trying to see if I can reproduce this on a test site by setting incorrect root credentials.
I’m using Ubuntu so there are some differences, waiting for a Windows install to complete so I can better reflect your environment.

We’ve seen it once happen before though I’m not certain how it happened in this instance.
This case isn’t exactly the same as yours but does have what I think could help correct the database problem.

If you’re able to open the docker console to the db container, checking the available databases and updating either the permissions or password for root is easy enough.
As I mentioned in my last message it could be caused by the failed first import.

@oluisrael11 Welcome! Typically the “something bad happened” error will have additional details in the main.log file that can help.

It can often be a permission issue where DevKinsta is running as the user rather than administrator, and doesn’t have access to update the hosts file.

Are you using Windows as well?
If so, try running DevKinsta as Administrator by right clicking its icon and selecting run as admin from the context menu that opens.

If you would like to open another thread and send me your main.log I’d be happy to take a look and continue the conversation there more in-depth.