Site download does not complete

Can someone advise?

cannot download site.log (5.6 KB)
Log file included.

Hello @Brandon_Scott :wave: Welcome to DevKinsta Community!

Thank you for sharing that log. Based on that information, looks like the site import (pull site from your MyKinsta) didn’t complete when downloading the files/data via rsync . What was the exact error code shown on your DevKinsta (was it DK0065 or just something like Something bad happened ? ) if it’s possible to provide the screenshot of the process that failed.

I’ve seen similar case like this when processing to download the files from the server to local computer and failed/timed out. This step uses rsync as a tool to share files, so anything that can cause rsync to fail can be the root cause of this issue (rsync can have issues with slower or unstable connections).

This rsync time out issue could also be caused due to large files/directories on the origin site. It’s usually related to old backup/zip files or node_modules/.git directories. Moving those out of ~/public before the pull usually helps to resolve the rsync error issue.

Please kindly check your site’s folders and see if there is/are single large file(s) on the server that are not really necessary for your site to run (or to be transferred to your local computer), and see if you may want to delete those large single files (that will also help to reduce the site size). Sometimes sites have leftover large .zip , .sql files or backups that don’t necessarily need to be transferred. After that, please try to pull the site again and see if it can be transferred completely.