Creating new site

When trying to create a new site, Devkinsta says “something bad happened”.

It completed the “Configuring NGINX” Step, and also “Creating the MYSQL DB”. However the 3rd step is failing. I think this step is the create site.

Anyone know what could be the issue?

I’m looking into the error right now in the main.log.

I am getting this error after the dowload is complete.

Encountered an error in child process 7244: 23. rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1816) [generator=3.2.3]

Please help.

Hi @Maor_Benzvi, welcome!

What’s the OS/platform you’re working on? Would you be able to try creating a new site in DevKinsta, then send your full main.log in a DM so we can have a look?
There may be some specific rsync or other errors that could help narrow it down.


I’m using Windows 10 x64-based.

Do you mean creating a new site like I previously did (I selected import from kinsta).


It may not be necessary to try again if the details are in your current main.log from the first attempt. I believe the issue is a symlink, as Kevin found in a previous issue.

If you would like to DM me the log and sitename you’re trying to import, I can take a look and try to identify if that’s the case and which symlink may be the issue.

Hi David,

I am unable to share the file in the DM.

Do you have a email to which I can send you the log file?


Thanks, I received the log and sitename. Give me some time to look this over, and I’ll get back to you.

The log isn’t complete, I’m guessing due to the number of entries from the rsync process. There should be a rotated main.log.old file that has additional lines from the start.

However, it may not be required. Looking at your site files I see what I suspect is causing the problem.
Look in your ~/public directory and you’ll see “” which is a broken symlink and serves no true purpose at this point.

Try deleting that from your site in MyKinsta and attempt to create the site again in DevKinsta.
Let me know how that goes!

Retrying right now.


Hi @DavidG,

The site was successfully created! Thanks for that.

However I immediately get a DB error.

I am also trying to connect to the DB directly with the details from the Devkinsta, however it does not log me in. any idea what could be the issue?

Kind regards,

You’re welcome, happy to get the first issue taken care of!
Could you check and verify the devkinsta_db Docker container is up and running?

How are you trying to connect to the db directly, is that through the docker cli or another tool?

I’m wondering if the initial failed import caused a duplicate db that may need to be removed or is conflicting in some way.

devkinsta_db Docker container is running.

I am trying to connect directly from the url that i get redirected after clicking the “Database manager” button on the devkinsta portal.

This is the URL:

Also it shows this message in a red box when entering that url I sent previously

SQLSTATE[HY000] [2006] MySQL server has gone away

@DavidG I am also facing a similar issue where Devkinsta says, “something bad happened.” I’ve not been able to figure out what went wrong so far.

It fails at the last stage which is to update the host file.

@Maor_Benzvi I’m trying to see if I can reproduce this on a test site by setting incorrect root credentials.
I’m using Ubuntu so there are some differences, waiting for a Windows install to complete so I can better reflect your environment.

We’ve seen it once happen before though I’m not certain how it happened in this instance.
This case isn’t exactly the same as yours but does have what I think could help correct the database problem.

If you’re able to open the docker console to the db container, checking the available databases and updating either the permissions or password for root is easy enough.
As I mentioned in my last message it could be caused by the failed first import.

@oluisrael11 Welcome! Typically the “something bad happened” error will have additional details in the main.log file that can help.

It can often be a permission issue where DevKinsta is running as the user rather than administrator, and doesn’t have access to update the hosts file.

Are you using Windows as well?
If so, try running DevKinsta as Administrator by right clicking its icon and selecting run as admin from the context menu that opens.

If you would like to open another thread and send me your main.log I’d be happy to take a look and continue the conversation there more in-depth.

Hi David,

I managed to solve this somehow.

I am able to connect now, however it seems like not the entire production website was imported.

I have all the plugins locally, however I can’t see my pages.

Can’t see my pages and neither my posts.

Seems like the tables exist, however there is no data in them.

Any idea why that might be?

Hi @Maor_Benzvi
If you could send me an updated version of your main.log from the successful site create yesterday, we may be able to identify more about the blank tables.

Having the tables but no rows within may indicate a problem with one of the early values being imported.
With the site having been imported into MyKinsta successfully, I wouldn’t suspect a corrupt table but it is possible.

I’ll share this with our dev team as well and see if they may have some additional thoughts, though the log would be really helpful.

Hi David,

I’ve sent you an email with the files.

Could you confirm receiving them?