cURL error 28 while downloading static files

I just started to develop my website using DevKinsta, in my local PC, I wanted to get the static file from the WP Site, using Simply Static plugin. When I try to generate the static file I am getting cURL error 28, for few files, could you please let me know how can i solve this problem?

Site health seems to be ok

Hello @shakirpa Shakir :wave: , welcome to DevKinsta community!

I’m not familiar with that Simply Static plugin and have never used it myself before. So now I have just tried to install it on my local site in my DevKinsta, and I could generate just fine (didn’t get cURL error 28 timed out thing).

I’ve seen similar cases before (not in DevKinsta, but on the other live sites) with that similar error message “cURL error 28 : operation timed out after 300xx milliseconds with 0 bytes received” (this one seems to be timed out after 30 seconds or so) and those could be caused by other plugins used on that site. I’m wondering if it may be the same case here, and don’t think it’s DevKinsta issue.

What I could suggest to you now is to try to disable all other plugins on your local site (finnkassasneshtest.local) and only enable that Simply Static plugin alone, then try to generate the static file again and see if it will be working fine? (no cURL error 28?).
If that so, you can then try to re-enable the other plugins, 1 by 1, and re-test the same, until you find the culprit?

Also, perhaps you may want to check the site log file (e.g: finnkassasneshtest_error.log) inside the ~/DevKinsta/logs folder , and see if there’s anything reported there by the site itself when that cURL 28 error happened.


Thank you… it seems working now

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You’re most welcome @shakirpa Shakir :+1:
Glad to hear it’s working now from your local end ! :smiley:

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