HTTP 500 error when attempting to view local site

Q: Date/Time this occurred (Provide your time zone also)
**A:12:30 pm Pacific time, March 11/22

Q: DevKinsta Version
**A:Version 2.4.1 (

Q: OS Version
**A:Mac 12.2.1 (21D62)

Q: Docker Desktop Version
**A:4.5.0 (74594)

Q: Were any error codes or messages observed? If so, what were they?

Q: Detailed Description of the Problem
**A:Attempted to view site after download from Kinsta (Live). It appears that all PHP did copy properly.

Hi @gbowman, welcome to DevKinsta!

500 errors usually stem from wp-config.php, plugin files or theme files. Can you check the site’s error log in ~/DevKinsta/logs ? 500 errors usually also produce php errors in the error.log file.