Error DK0029 on site creation

I’m trying to download one of our sites however receiving error DK0029 on every attempt when DevKinsta is trying to create the database. This is on a Windows10 machine

Welcome to DevKinsta @Rob_Clark ! I’m happy to help. :slight_smile:

DK0029 error can be a wide variety of issues that is blocking DevKinsta. There’s a thread here with a few solutions but I’ll highlight here a few possible solutions.

  • Try running the following command on Terminal: docker exec -it devkinsta_fpm /bin/rm /root/.ssh/known_hosts

  • Disable any anti-virus software or firewalls in place on the machine.

  • Ensure you’re using DevKinsta 2.1.0+

  • Run DevKinsta as an Administrator

Let me know if that helps!

Unfortunately, this has not helped. This doesn’t appear to be happening with all of our sites, with only the latest couple being the issue. (These were migrated from Flywheel recently).

@Rob_Clark I was able to locate the error report being generated for this install. It looks like it’s having trouble connecting to Kinsta. We’re seeing a “connection refused” error. Connection issues are usually the result of the known_hosts file, but sounds like that didn’t help here. Just to confirm, are you able to connect to the site locally via sFTP on your local machine?

@michael The connection timed out on attempt. I attempted on one of the working sites and this connected fine.

@Rob_Clark Apologies for the trouble here! Thanks for testing the sFTP connection. Upon further inspection, there does appear to be an issue internally at Kinsta. I’ve notified the team here to take a look at this right away. I’ll provide further updates on this shortly.

Any update on this? I get the same error…

Welcome to DevKinsta @isaklafleur ! Apologies for the lack of updates here. This issue has since been resolved with DevKinsta 2.2.0 If you haven’t already, please update to DevKinsta 2.2.0. If you’re still experiencing issues however on 2.2.0, please create a new thread so we can learn more about what’s happening there.