DevKinsta Releases (Minor)

Our latest release of DevKinsta is now available!

If you are already using DevKinsta, DevKinsta should automatically update. For new users, this will be the new default download on our downloads page.

DevKinsta v1.0.2 provides the following changes:

  • Improved windows install flow (DevKinsta installs WSL2)
  • Pathing slash bugfix
  • Fixes a MacOS SSL certificate deletion issue
  • DevKinsta will now re-download the WordPress core if it is corrupted
  • Fixes windows certificate error if the path contains a space character
  • Display docker start error correctly on startup page
  • Fixes changing the project path on windows
  • Increased the Adminer upload limit
  • Minor UI changes: added a border to the gravatar icon, added a margin to the 2FA label, changed the divider color in the Kinsta site list, added max length to project name, used larger images in site list, and typo fixes in Help & Support page

DevKinsta v1.0.3 has been released.

This version fixes a major bug where Windows users could not install DevKinsta.
See the relevant thread here..

Affected users will need to re-download DevKinsta and proceed with installation.

DevKinsta v1.1.7 has been released.

This minor update resolves an issue where MailHog was not working as intended.

DevKinsta should automatically update. Click the ‘restart now’ button to apply the changes.

We’ve released version 2.1.0 of DevKinsta! :kinsta:

Bug fixes include

  • Site search under push and pull now stick to the header
  • Fixed WordPress version number shown.
  • Fixed an issue when DevKinsta failed to restart Docker containers.
  • Fixed WordPress version selector when creating a site.
  • Error display fixes

The latest version can be downloaded here.

Version 2.2.0 of DevKinsta is now available for update and download!

This release features new checks for docker’s disk usage to help with stability as well as some minor updates to how we handle PHP versions and database credentials.

We’ve also added a feature to the close button which will now prompt you on which action you’d like to take.

The mailbox screen now supports pagination.

This patch also includes a number of bug fixes and code refactors in order to optimize DevKinsta for the best experience.

If you have DevKinsta already installed, it should update automatically. It can otherwise be downloaded from this link.

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Version 2.3.0 of DevKinsta is now available for update and download! Download here.

New features include:

It will now prune old DevKinsta docker images to conserve space.

We have a new PHP.ini editor! You can find this by going to a site and scrolling down. For example, try adding memory_limit = 512M

Automatic port selector or select your own!

Bug fixes include:

  • Resolved an issue where containers did not start sometimes.
  • Resolved an issue where it would display the wrong site after importing.
  • Resolved an issue where it didn’t cancel SSL generation properly after clicking on cancel.
  • Resolved an issue where delete mail did not function normally.
  • Resolved an issue where sometimes it would be stuck on a loading state on first start of the site list.
  • Resolved an issue where changing project paths did not restart and apply those changes to Docker containers.
  • Resolved an issue where it would appear as if the databases disappeared after a Docker upgrade.
  • Resolved an issue where WP Debug would not disable.

There’s also been a number of performance updates with this version. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues with this latest update!


We’ve released version 2.4.0 of DevKinsta! You can download it here.

New Features:

  • You can now selectively push just the database or just files to your Kinsta site

  • You can now rename your sites

  • The MyKinsta destination site is now placed into Maintenance Mode during Push with an option to cancel the Push if an error occurs (this restores the site and disables maintenance mode)

  • PHP 8.1 is now available for selection

  • New popup for Docker container status (notifications for when containers need to be started or recreated)

  • New popup to let you know if Docker needs to be started

  • Site import will no longer fail due to SSL creation failure

  • Better error handling for Mailhog issue on M1 installs

  • The Push site list has been updated to only show Staging containers

  • Mailhog can now handle email attachments

  • The pulled site now shows first in the site list when trying to push to MyKinsta.

Bug Fixes:

  • The Push and Pull processes now correctly modify site URLs in all database tables.
  • We now avoid logging sensitive information in DevKinsta log files
  • The Port Selector now changes hard coded URLs and the wp-config.php in addition to the URLs in the database.
  • NGINX container no longer remains exited after port change
  • Site size is now correct on Windows
  • Mailhog issues with imported sites have been fixed
  • Issue with DevKinsta setup progress bar being inconsistent has been fixed
  • Settings page translation issues have been resolved
  • Tray dropdown and modal language now also changes when application language is changed
  • Fixed AutoAppDater issues on Mac
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We’ve released version 2.4.1 of DevKinsta! You can download it here .

Bug Fix:

  • MAX_BUFFER_SIZE issue when pushing large sites has been addressed
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We’ve released version 2.5.0 of DevKinsta! You can download it here.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • DevKinsta now uses ARM64 docker images on Apple M1
  • Databases can now be renamed
  • HTML content is now rendered within DevKinsta mail inbox
  • Site renaming can now be cancelled
  • Site push sync speed has been improved
  • If site renaming fails, the newly created database will be removed/cleaned up
  • MyKinsta site’s WordPress and PHP version will show on Push and Pull

Bug Fixes:

  • More descriptive error messages for Site Push
  • Fixed email catching issues on Apple M1 machines
  • Fixed Progress indicator animation for background operations
  • Renewal of expired SSH key is now part of Push and Pull process
  • Fixed false data display on Site Push and Pull views when remote environment cannot be loaded

We’ve released version 2.6.0 of DevKinsta! You can download it here .

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Update DevKinsta site from a MyKinsta environment

  • Automatically remove the partially-created site when site creation is cancelled

  • Ability to cancel the process when Port Change fails

  • Cache WP installers locally to improve site creation performance

Bug Fixes:

  • Rename site and database modals store previously provided value after cancellation
  • Unnecessary “Ports are busy” notifications on startup
  • Local WP requests to site domain failed (WP REST API and Imagify issue)
  • Site Push does not delete the locally deleted files
  • New version available” notification after Application Update

We’ve released version 2.7.0 of DevKinsta! You can download it here .

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Individual sites can now be stopped/started
  • Database files will now be cleaned up after sync is completed
  • All long running operations can now be cancelled at any time
  • WordPress installation is now optional for new Custom sites
  • Proper labeling for WordPress/Custom Sites added

Performance Tweaks:

  • PHP default max_input_vars increased to 5000 (previously 1000)
  • PHP default pm.max_children increased to 8 (previously 4)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Windows Hyper-V SSH key permission issues
  • Adminer/Database Manager CSS has been updated to fix styling issues
  • Fixed Project folder selection causing a white screen crash for German language
  • Removed unintentional shell window opening on Windows when running RSYNC
  • MySQL command logs no longer show credentials
  • Site List dropdown menu display issues fixed

We’ve released version 2.8.0 of DevKinsta! You can download it here.

New Features


  • A separate “Native Build” of DevKinsta for Apple silicon Macs is now available for download.

  • The default PHP version for new DevKinsta sites will now match the default on Kinsta hosting (currently PHP 8.0).

Bug Fixes

  • Toggling SSL/HTTPS now correctly updates the site URL in wp-config.php.
  • Syntax issues when enabling WP_DEBUG have been fixed.

We’ve released version 2.9.0 of DevKinsta! You can download it here

New Features:

  • Customize default top-level domain (TLD)
  • Edit TLD for existing and new sites
  • Control xDebug from DevKinsta UI
  • Add subdomains to the hosts file via DevKinsta UI

Bug Fixes:

  • Stabilize WP CLI command execution
  • Login to MyKinsta buttons are not reacting to Return/Enter button
  • Stop re-creating site NGINX config files on each startup
  • Design review findings
  • Selective Push and Pull randomly excludes files/folders
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We’ve released version 2.10.0 of DevKinsta! You can download it here .

New Features:

  • Editor for site-level NGINX configuration file
  • Support PHP 8.2 in DevKinsta
  • Search in site sync file selector view

Bug Fixes:
The WordPress admin password is not correctly set when the dollar sign is included

We’ve released version 2.11.0 of DevKinsta! You can download it here .

New Features:

  • Users can create a MyKinsta account from the Login screen
  • Clone existing DevKinsta sites
  • Users can now choose to turn on or off WordPress auto-update

Bug Fixes:

  • Site import tries to parse “exclude” making import die
  • Xdebug PHP extension cannot be turned off
  • Subject of an automatic email displays incorrectly
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We’ve released version 2.12.0 of DevKinsta! You can download it here .

New Features:

  • DevKinsta has received the new rebranded design.

Bug Fixes:

  • Remote site breaks after a site push
  • Site push/pull button disabled status
  • Custom site creation switch prop error
  • Error message on changing language
  • WP section disappears on site view
  • Top-level domain changing issue
  • Database rename cancellation issue
  • Site rename cancellation
  • Sitelist dropdown doesn’t close
  • Push/Pull checkbox behavior fixes
  • Fix for the long-lived search & replace issue
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We’ve released version 2.13.0 of DevKinsta! You can download it here .

New Features:

  • Added support to PHP 8.3

Bug Fixes:
Push/pull environments are now available for Site Developers

We’ve released version 2.13.2 of DevKinsta! You can download it here .

Bug Fixes:
This update fixes some dependencies and updates Docker images to limit open vulnerabilities.

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