DevKinsta - Couldn't start Docker, but Colima and Docker are running


I’m on Macbook M1, and normally, I use DDEV with colima for localhost development, but since the site is on Kinsta, I wanted to give a change to DevKinsta. However, I’m stuck with this, although colima and Docker are running. Any help for me?

Thanks a lot!

Hello @kybernaut ( Karolina ) :wave: and welcome to Kinsta Community Forum!

Thank you for reaching us out! :smile:
I have never heard/used colima before and am not quite sure about it and how it works. Based on your screenshot above though, the socket mentions:


(while when I checked on laptop - it’s running on Linux Ubuntu with Docker Engine, the docker endpoint is showing: unix:///var/run/docker.sock instead )

Regarding the DK0004 error shown in DevKinsta, looks like it couldn’t see/find Docker and couldn’t start it (I suspect, it may be probably due to the socket/endpoint difference mentioned above? :thinking: ).

Could you please check if the Docker installed there (used with/by Colima) is Docker engine only? or is Docker Desktop?
As per our documentation here: Installation - Kinsta® - it requires Docker Desktop to run DevKinsta on Mac O/S.

Perhaps you may want to try to re-install fresh Docker Desktop and then re-launch DevKinsta and see if it can find/see Docker properly (and can start it?).
Also, after you re-installed Docker Desktop, you may want to run from your Terminal with this command: docker context ls
(and see what is the path shows there, under the “Docker Endpoint” column)

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Agus Utomo