DevKinsta Issues with Multisites

I am unable to get a working multisite installation on DevKinsta, I’ve tried importing both staging and live environments of a currently under development instance, I’ve also tried a fresh multisite installation with no development work pulling from a live instance and both produce the same results, with an error message that is unable to connect to the database.

I created a single typical wordpress install and imported the live environment and that is the only instance that works. Both DevKinsta & Docker are fresh installs and I can see the tables in the databases for the multisites, however it does not seem to connect for some reason on the local-dev instance. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are trying to setup a new DEV workflow on a newly created Kinsta account.

I should add that this is a subfolder type multisite and that the hostname connects on the local-dev fine. Both instances of multisite are subfolder type multisite networks and create and connect to the host file domain without issue.

Hi @donduck, welcome to DevKinsta!
I’ve tried preproducing this by creating a new multisite on Kinsta and copying it over to DevKinsta but the process works without issue for me.

This specific error tends to happen when the wp_blogs and/or wp_sites table have the incorrect domain. I can reproduce this error by modifying the site name in my wp_blogs table. Can you try using our Database Manager to check those tables for the correct values? It might also be worth comparing the domain values to what is in wp-config.php for DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE.

Please let me know if you need any clarification here!

Thanks @Kevin that seems to be the issue and I was able to get it working once I updated it to the local domain, however, is there a reason this was not automatically replaced in the DB upon a site pull/import request or is this just something that needs to be done every time you pull a multisite? I tested this on both a fresh multisite install and a working multisite install and tested the site import on both Windows & MacOS and both resulted in having to manually edit the DB after import to get it working.

I also do not see any option to do a fresh pull/import of the same site without deleting and redownloading many GBs of data each time as opposed to only pulling the DB or excluding certain directories like uploads, is that correct?

Thanks for your help in resolving my initial issue.

You’re very welcome!
It’s very odd because when I follow the same process with the latest DevKinsta version on Windows 10/a fresh multisite, my local install works without issue. I’m going to bring this up with the devs as a possible bug/something to address for the next release. You shouldn’t have to manually do this each time.

We have a feature request here for a “selective push.” We unfortunately don’t have this feature yet but our team has it on their radar.

Thank you for reporting this issue with us and please let us know if you run into anything else! I’ll update here if our Devs can shed any light on this issue.

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