Pushing to Kinsta in multi-dev environment?

Currently writing with another dev with a repository checkout pointed at the location where the devKinsta instance is … if they push code, which doesn’t give any type of limit to DB or files, it pushes their entire site, and then if I push mine it pushes my entire site, meaning if they are working on x.html and I am working on y.html, their instance of x.html with it’s changes goes up to stage, and then when I push my y.html it overwrites their x.html with my copy, which was lumped in with y.html. Additionally if a 3rd party collaborator makes any changes in our staging environment to the db like page content, there’s no way for us to sync those changes from stage down and not over-write whatever local changes we have. There is no viable way for us to use the ‘push to stage’ feature of devKinsta without occasionally over-writing someone’s work.

I understand there’s a convoluted git repo workaround with direct pushes to stage or push using a bitbucket account, thus bypassing the functionality of devKinsta but if the desire is to make devKinsta a working environment that’s not superfluous, a multi-dev working environment needs some type of way to 1: Sync changes from stage down to local or visa versa instead of deleting the instance every time and re-aligning your checkout. 2. Ability to choose scope of changes desired to be moved from a or b (files and or db only).

Right now we have decided for none of the devs to use the push to stage feature and continue the FTP to stage feature with DB changes on stage, occasionally we can pull down. We sync our local code through an SVN repo that has a multi-year history we don’t want to destroy to move to .git, but even if we did it wouldn’t’ change the issue that devKinsta doesn’t have a way to push to stage if you have non-dev collaborators making DB changes on stage like 3rd party vendors or content writers.

If this is inaccurate, please update me with how we can accomplish these tasks using just the products provided and not a work around circumventing the software in a multi-dev environment.

Thank you for the feature request @Web_dev_Andrew and welcome to DevKinsta!