Sync Question: Push to Staging: What is Remote Origin?


I’m using DevKinsta to work on my client’s site locally, and everything has been incredibly smooth. I can easily work on the site and Sync the changes to Staging. All good.

One thing I’m unclear about is the “Remote Origin” option shown in DevKinsta.

When I click Sync > Push to Kinsta, I’m shown (2) target sites that point to the same Staging site. One says “Remote Origin” and the other has the name of the site.

Which one of these should I be pushing to? Can I simply ignore one?

Thank you

Hi @Unity_Studio :wave: and welcome to Kinsta Community!

About your question, yes, you can choose either one (the one listed in that “Remote Origin” or the other one that has the name of that site).

In case you have access to more than 1 site in MyKinsta, you would see those other sites listed below that “Remote Origin” section. So most likely you have access to only 1 site? if that so then it’s normal you would see the same site listed twice in that “Remote Origin” and also below that.


Thanks for your help and clarification, @Agus !

Yes, you are correct. I have access to just the 1 site, so it’s displayed twice, as you mentioned.

All is well! Loving DevKinsta!

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You’re most welcome! @Unity_Studio :smiley:
Cool! glad to hear that you’re loving DevKinsta! :heart:


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