Disable .local using ports (e.g. mysite.local:51015)

I have installed devkinsta and booted up my first site, but for some reason it appends a port to the .local domain (e.g. mysite.local:51015). This makes it impossible for me to make a multisite wp instance. I’ve tried several things already, also reinstalling DevKinsta, but it keeps adding a port to the domain.

I found a similar topic: Port ':55948' added after '.local' url with the same issue and it seems that I do have automated port selectors configured, however, when I untoggle the auto-detect open ports option and try to configure 80/443 it says that port 80 is already in use. Even when I search for the process running on port 80 in the terminal and kill it, it doesn’t want to configure to port 80. What do I do now?

Hi @adamk22, it probably defaulted to those ports because of whatever you had running on port 80. Does completely closing DevKinsta then restarting allow you to change it? If you restart your computer, does port 80 remain open before you try to start DevKinsta?

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I was able to resolve it by stopping the apache process. Apparently, apache was running on the background and doesn’t appear in the list of processes.

Using sudo apachectl stop in the terminal I was able to stop the process and configure port 80 manually in DevKinsta.

Hope this helps anyone in the future.

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