Port ':55948' added after '.local' url

After updating Docker to the latest version, the port ‘:55948’ is added after every ‘.local’ url. Is there a way to revert this to just *.local?

Hi @jarno, thanks for reaching out. When you go to the DevKinsta options and scroll down to Port Selector, are you using port 80/443? It seems as if Docker isn’t mapping port 55948 to port 80 for some reason that’s probablywhy the port number is showing after .local. If nothing works, then you may need to reinstall Docker/DevKinsta, however, if you’re comfortable with the CLI/editing files, there may be a solution for your problem here.

Please let us know if none of these solutions work for you.

Hi @Kevin, thanks for your reply. It was set to ‘Auto-detect open-ports’, but it was using port 55947/55948 indeed. I changed it to 80/443 and now it’s working fine.

Thank you!

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Awesome, glad that fixed it, @jarno!

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