DK0029 Can't create mysql dump

I am attempting to import one of our live sites into DevKinsta, but every time I try, I get “DK0029 Can’t create mysql dump”. I have tried multiple things including uninstalling and reinstalling DevKinsta, clearing all Docker data, and at one point I also tried importing the site from a backup (when I did that, the error I got was "Something bad happened). The site’s database is 1.69 gb.

Looking at the main.log file, I see the following error which doesn’t seem to be related to mysql/database at all, but it is definitely a wordpress site, standard file structure/setup.

[2023-01-20 11:21:41.576] [info]  [containerExec] Command 'cd public/policechecks && wp --allow-root --skip-themes --skip-plugins db size --size_format=b --url=http://policechecks.local' on devkinsta_fpm finished with exit code 1
[2023-01-20 11:21:41.576] [error] Error: [31;1mError:[0m This does not seem to be a WordPress installation.Pass --path=`path/to/wordpress` or run `wp core download`.
    at file:///Applications/
    at tryCatch (file:///Applications/
    at Generator.<anonymous> (file:///Applications/
    at (file:///Applications/
    at asyncGeneratorStep (file:///Applications/
    at _next (file:///Applications/
    at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)

Hello @laura_certn ,
can you please send me a copy of your main.log file via DM? We’d like to give it a look and help you find the culprit.


Thanks, I have sent the DM.

Hi @laura_certn thank you for sharing the log!
Please reach out to our support and ask to temporarily increase the max_allowed_packet value for mysqldump.


Ok so just to confirm - I need to reach out to the Kinsta support team for this, and I would need to do this anytime anyone on my team wants to import a version of the site to set up a local instance? That seems like a lot of hassle - is there a way to get that increased permanently?

Correct, you can reach out our 24/7 support via chat from

Our support team will be able to tell you more regarding this.