DK0065 Stuck while Pushing to Staging

I got stuck with error DK0065 in my Devkinsta while i am pushing my site to the staging server.

My file is 7.90 GB
I got stuck in 3.98 GB every time.

Heya @PuspaRaj_Subedi :wave:
Agus here.

First of all, we’re sorry for the delay to reply/response to you :slight_smile:
I’ve also just replied to the other forum thread here, for the same error code (DK0065) when pushing from DevKinsta to Staging server.

Are you still getting the same error at the moment?
I’m wondering if there is/are any unnecessary large files (old/unnecessary large zip files e.g: from the old backups, etc.) on your local site (and/or on the staging server as well) - cause you mentioned you have such large file (7.90 GB).
If that so, can you please try to delete them, and after that please try to push the local site to your Staging server again? (which was recommended by my colleague as well here before, that helped the other user).

Please let me know the results!