"Failed to upload local sites DK0065" when pushing site from DevKinsta


I am getting “Failed to upload local sites DK0065” when pushing our site from DevKinsta.

Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 11.16.43 AM

I am running on MacOS.

I will appreciate your help, thank you!

Hello @Charles_Gaudreau_Jac :wave: welcome to DevKinsta community!
Agus here.

We’re sorry for the delay to reply/response to you :slight_smile:
Regarding that DK0065 case, this could be caused by a failed connection to the remote server (your Staging server) or unpredictable issues related to the uploaded files.

As noted in our knowledge base there , this step uses rsync as a tool to share files with the remote site, so anything that can cause rsync to fail can be the root cause of this issue.

Are you still experiencing this issue from your end when pushing the local site (from DevKinsta) to your Staging server?

On the other thread (similar case), my colleague, Kevin, suggested to remove any unnecessary large files (old/unnecessary zip files e.g: from old backups, etc.) both from your local computer and on the staging server (to keep them synchronized) which helped the other user there to solve this failed to upload local site DK0065 issue. So, wondering if it’s the same solution that may help you as well.

I also did a quick check on your staging site on Kinsta server and noticed that there’s a large backup file (.zip) inside the ~/public/wp-content/backups-dup-lite sub-folder (about 1.3 GB) .
Please check and see if you have the same large .zip file(s) in your local computer and try to delete any of those large/unnecessary .zip files (backup files, etc.) then try to push the site again and if that helps.