Docker update has removed all DevKinsta sites

I was recently prompted to update Docker, and I have done so and then restarted my computed. All DevKinsta sites are now gone and I can’t find a way to restore them.

Why would this have happened? I have potentially lost days of work…

Hi @mikeyfwx :wave:

What Operating System are you using, and which version?

In Docker Desktop → System Settings → Advanced, do you have System CLI option selected, and the 2 checkboxes below it checked?

If not, try that and restart Docker Desktop fully, then start DevKinsta back up, and let me know if you see the Containers, Images, and Volumes that were there before.

If that doesn’t work, please let us know any error messages you see (if any) and we’ll troubleshoot further.

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Hi there,

Thanks for the reply.

I am using Windows 11.

I can’t seem to find the settings you mention. I don’t have an advanced section. The only CLI setting I have is “Show CLI hints”.

I have also tried restarting Docker Desktop and DevKinsta multiple times but still nothing.

I have had to redo some of the changes I had lost due a tight deadline, so everything has taken double the time.

I can’t seem to see any error messages, my sites have just been completely wiped.

Is there a way to prevent this in future? I honestly have no idea why an update would have done this but it’s obviously frustrating and does put me off wanting to use the platform moving forwards.

Hi Mikey, :wave:

Thank you for your reply.
As I know Docker update should not remove any existing local sites created by DevKinsta (unless something else might have been deleted, such as the Docker’s Image(s) or Volume(s) ).

I’ve also just checked my Windows 11 Pro machine (I mainly used Ubuntu though for my daily work) and there I noticed my Docker desktop version also a bit out-dated, so I decided to test to upgrade it and see if I could replicate the issue you reported here.

So here’s my Docker Desktop version before I updated it to the latest version available ( 4.20.1 (110738) )

And here’s my DevKinsta with the previous local WP Site I created few months ago

and the local site looks like this:

I went to the Docker Desktop Settings page → Software updates section and clicked the “Download update” button - and waited till the download process has completed

once completed, I clicked the “Update and restart” button, to install/update that Docker Desktop and to apply it

The Docker Desktop closed itself (to install/apply the update), and my DevKinsta showed this (as the Docker service got stopped - which is normal/as expected)

After waited for some time, the installation/update completed and it re-launched itself (with the new version: 4.21.1 (114176) )

My previous/old local WP site was still there in DevKinsta

and I could still access the same local WP site on my browser:

So I confirmed that updating Docker Desktop wouldn’t remove/delete the previous/old/existing DevKinsta sites.


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Hi Agus,

Thank you for looking into this and for a thorough breakdown of the steps you had taken!

So I suspect you may be right, and the containers and volumes had been deleted which would make most sense.

Does DevKinsta have any automatic backup tools? Just in case this were to happen again in a future update?

We may be looking to use Kinsta as a whole for our website hosting moving forwards and I know that there are backups supported here. But it would be great to know if we can make use of backups for our local development too.

All the best,

Hi Mikey!

DevKinsta doesn’t have any automatic backup tools that I know of, that would presently be the responsibility of an application on your computer to perform and restore the backups.

That said, there are guides to potential solutions by others:

The files you would need to back up with your existing computer backup solution, or integrate in the same way as the script mentioned above, and e.g. tar or zip up the contents of the docker containers externally with a script or cronjob, though that may be a little more advanced BASH scripting.

Let me know if that helps!

Best regards,