DevKinsta stuck on updating site URLs when opening

Date and time: Dec 1, 2021, 20:21 GMT +2

Devkinsta Version: Latest (Redownloaded trying to fix the issue)

Os Version: Mac OS 11.6 (Apple M1)

Docker Desktop Version: Latest (4.2.0)

Q: Were any error codes or messages observed? If so, what were they?

No Error messages were observed.

Q: Detailed Description of the Problem

Dev Kinsta is stuck on updating site URLs, and won’t go past that. Was working fine earlier in the day but I deleted it and reinstalled it trying to fix another issue related to sites not loading properly. Possibly old files are still somewhere on my computer? Not sure how to delete these/purge these from Docker/ Devkinsta- that said also deleted and reinstalled docker as well.

Also, DevKinsta app is unresponsive when trying to interact with it, I can just minimize/ close it while in its state.

Hi @bw21s, sorry for the issues you’re running into here. Did you do a full uninstallation of Docker and its files? There’s a useful guide here for cleanly uninstalling Docker on MacOS which should purge any files that may be causing the issues with Docker/DevKinsta.

Please let us know if a full uninstall/reinstall of Docker and DevKinsta fixes things for you!

Hi, nope that’s not doing it. Uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times (both Kinsta and Docker). Rebooted my computer probably about a dozen times as well. Even purchased Mac Uninstaller and Cleaner from Nektony.Com to ensure all the files are getting uninstalled. DevKinsta still stays stuck on updating site URLs.

That said, one time I purged caches in docker and it immediately loaded DevKinsta after that but then I wasn’t able to log in to MyKinsta, probably because all the containers got removed. So rebooted everything and just went back to updating site URLs again…

Okay, I don’t know what changed since last time. I was a bit frustrated and just did some other things for a while. Came back and booted up DevKinsta and there it loaded up for who knows what reason. I assume it’s fixed now. I will let you know if anything occurs again.


That’s great to hear @bw21s ! Keep us posted if this occurs again.

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