Error 505 gateway timeout when uploading products on DevKinsta


I am redesigning my website and using DevKinsta, so then I will migrate this new site to Kinsta. I’m using all content (images, products, orders, etc) from my current website, I am only improving the infrastructure and design. However, I have a problem with the migration of the products, which are more than 1500. When I uploaded them I got an error “505 gateway timeout”. I understand that in large loads the connection is left open for a long time and this usually happens.

I read about it on the Kinsta blog, but it seems that all the solutions to be able to do this successfully depends on the hosting, but now the web is only in a local environment that I am creating with DevKinsta tool. My specific query is if there is a way to change any configuration to extend the time limit of the requests for this locale, or if I would have to wait until the web is already live in Kinsta to perform this migration of the products and the variations without problem.

Hope you can help me.

Thank you!

Hi @4nomadsperu ! Welcome to DevKinsta! That’s a great question. We’ve tested DevKinsta 2.3.0 with extremely large sites across different operating systems and all appeared well. When does the “505 gateway timeout” occur? Does that error occur on the live site, or locally?

Hello Michael,

The error occurs locally. I’m using the Wordpress Importer plugin to import all the products from my previous website to the one I’m designing on DevKinsta and that’s when the error occurs.

I read on Kinsta’s blog that I can resolve this by edit the max_execution_time on php.ini file. But I can’t edit this kind of file locally, can I?

Thank you for your answer

Does the file by chance require that images be downloaded from an external source? As it’s local, there shouldn’t be any issues here with the speed of which the import occurs nor the resources allocated to it.

Still, the max_execution_time can indeed be increased if needed and perhaps that might help. There’s a feature within DevKinsta called the PHP.ini Editor and can be found within the site on DevKinsta.

What you’d enter here is the following:

max_execution_time = 1800
max_input_time = 1800

That should be more than enough :pray: . Let me know if that helps.

Hello Michael,

I did change the max execution time, but the problem still remains. Also, all the images from the products are already on the website locally. However, there are almost 1500 products to be imported, so maybe the problem is with the hosting where I’m importing the products from?


Thank you for your help!

@4nomadsperu It does sound like perhaps where it’s being imported from is creating the issue. Would you be able to split up the import?

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