Extend Web Server Timeout on Mac M1

This may be a rudimentary question but I can’t find a solid answer anywhere else online (this is ultimately related to DevKinsta and Docker.)

I’m using a migration plugin (Prime Mover) to try and export a root domain site to a subdomain in a multisite setup but because the site is so big (community forum) I kept experiencing 524 timeouts when trying to do it on Kinsta’s servers.

So I pulled the site to DevKinsta to try and get around Cloudflare’s 100 second timeout limit, but now I’m running into a 180-second timeout limit. The plugin needs more time to dump and process the database.

Is there a way to extend that limit within the DevKinsta/Docker setup on an M1 Mac?

Hi @CJ_Bernstein, thanks for reaching out!

So it sounds like you are hitting the web server’s timeout limit. We currently don’t have a built-in way to modify this but you can manually modify the nginx container through Docker if you are comfortable with the command line.

The first step is to open the CLI for devkinsta_nginx

Once here run these commands to install your preferred file editor:

  1. apk update
  2. apk add nano

Now open the nginx config file for editing:
nano /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

at the very bottom of this file you will find fastcgi_read_timeout 180;. change 180 to a larger number like 1800 and save the file.

In order for the change to be applied, you will need to reload nginx with this command:
nginx -s reload

We have an article here that may also be relevant if you keep running into issues: How to Fix the 504 Gateway Timeout Error Code - Kinsta®

Please let us know if none of this works!