What Ports or URLs should be opened?

My office is trying to connect to the “Import from Kinsta” option in dev Kinsta but it is timing out. I did not see anything in regards to what ports or URLs should be open for this to work.

We are using DevKinsta on a PC.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you in Advance.

Hi @mgeans ! Welcome to DevKinsta!
DevKinsta uses the default 80 and 443 ports. Are you shown any errors during the import?

No, it is just when trying to connect that it seems to time out when logging in from the app. Logging in from the website seems fine. Is there any other specific URL or Network info that the app would use that I can look into allowing?

Do you have any special firewall rules? Nothing unusual outside of 80 and 443. When exactly does it time out?

The application times out at the login screen for connecting to “import from Kinsta”. We have confirmed it is not local to the laptop but something with our Network’s Security/Firewalls. We would just need to know any specific URL or IP that security can add to an allowed list.

Thank you again in Advance.

[s3-1-w.amazonaws.com](http://s3-1-w.amazonaws.com/): and

@mgeans Did whitelisting those help? Please note that IP’s and additional requirements may change over time.

The security Team wanted specific IPs as they did not want to white list everything. I just found out we have a paid account and will try through that support. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP AND PERSISTENCE! I will be sure to let them know that all of that stuff we are allow listing can change without notice.

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