Error DK0006 Failed to download images

I have the latest version of Docker and I downloaded an earlier version of Kinsta as I couldn’t get past error DK0083 Volume path not supported.

I have stable, good internet connection and I have restarted devkinsta and docker multiple times. It seems every hurdle I get over there is a new one.

Someone please help!

Hey @Jim_Hockless welcome to Kinsta Community!
if you provide us the main.log file via DM we can review it and try to understand what is causing this issue. I would recommend installing the latest DevKinsta version and troubleshooting the path issue rather than trying to fix an error with an older version so you can benefit from the last features.


Hi Alessandro. How do I provide the logs?

The location of the logs would depend on the operating system in use, are you on a Mac, Linux or Windows machine?

Im on Windows, where do i look.

You should see a main.log file at this path:


I would recommend updating DevKinsta to the latest version, deleting any main.log file you might have and then opening DevKinsta so that a new main.log file can be generated and we have a chance to review the latest error.


Thanks Alessandro.
Back to the DK0083 Unsupported Docker Volume path on WSL issue now that i’ve updated DevKinsta to the latest version.

Attached are my logs
main.log (934.6 KB)

It says Docker isn’t installed but it is

Humm yes I see, this install is affected by a bug that our devs haven’t resolved yet. Thank you for providing the log it will help address the issue in the next versions. Let’s go ahead and replace the current DevKinsta with this one

Ah okay. I’ve reinstalled that version
Here is the logs :
main.log (27.8 KB)

Thank you for the log @Jim_Hockless , please close DevKinsta. Then if you click on the Docker icon in your system tray you should see a button that says “Switch to xxxx containers”, can you please share with us if you read there Windows containers or Linux containers and then click it to perform the switch?
Once done you can retry to open DevKinsta


It said switch to linux containers. I clicked it and opened devkinsta again. It’s gotten a bit further but now its forever waiting for docker to start the engine. It seems like docker works but then all of a sudden it goes back to ‘Starting the Docker Engine…’

Progress though!

Does it happen the same if you close both DevKinsta and Docker and then open only DevKinsta so it can be the one opening Docker? :thinking: if yes, please provide the new main.log file :smiley:

Still happens
New log :slight_smile:
main.log (131.9 KB)

Thank you for the log, can you please open Docker, go in its Settings and make a screenshot of the General page?

It’s working now. Just took ages! Thanks for your help Alessandro

That’s great news Jim! Happy to help :smile:


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