Error when cloning

Trying to clone a site in DevKinsta. Received an error - Could not restart nginx service DK0073. Clicked on Retry and got the same error.

I shut down DevKinsta and now DevKinsta will not start. All I see is the DevKinsta splash screen and lower case “errors.” at the bottom left. Click on Retry with same result.


I restarted Windows 11 machine. Now when trying to start DevKinsta, I receive error - DK0005 Couldn’t create Docker containers. DevKinsta will not start.

I reinstalled DevKinsta and Docker. Now the local website that I was working on is no longer available. Lost quite a bit of work…

  1. Is anyone active on this forum?

  2. Is there a better dev system - FlyWheel or other? If DevKinsta is buggy, I’d prefer to move on. Would like some objective input in this.


I downloaded my website from Kinsta again using KinstaDev. I tried to clone the site and have the same problem as before. The nginx service will not start. DK0073. I tried to restart within Docker and manually from terminal. Does not restart.

Hi @imintenn :wave: Welcome to the Kinsta Community!

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues cloning your site to DevKinsta. To best assist you, can you please confirm the machine (OS version) on which you are trying to install DevKinsta?

Please also send me the main.log file of DevKinsta so I can take a closer look why Nginx service is failing. You can send me the log file through private message. Troubleshooting - Error Codes - Kinsta® Docs

How so I send the log file?

I do not understand this chat system.

How do I send the log file?

Oh, you can just click my Name and then click the Message box to send me a private message as shown in the screenshot below.

Are you receiving my messages? Worst message system I have ever tried to use.

I can’t find the chat that you started. Can we do this on Zoom? THis chat system is a waste of time.

I am afraid I can only work with you through this forum. You can check my screenshot below on how you can view/access your inbox/private messages.