errors.RENEW_SSH_KEY DK0040

When my coworker import from Kinsta to create new site, she got a message like this.

I can’t find the error code DK0040 in here
What happened?

@batty Are you able to retry? Does this error occur every time, or did it just happen the one time?

Same issue here, and I retried a few times.

Welcome to DevKinsta @rwky ! This error can occur if it has trouble connecting to the internet. Would you happen to have any connection issues or blocks in place that would prevent it from occurring?


None that I know of, I do not have a proxy, just the local router that goes directly into the ISP

@rwky Could you try re-installing DevKinsta to see if that helps? Perhaps there’s a missing permission?

Hi there, I’m on macOS 11.4, do I need to do something special besides moving the app to trash?

That should do it, although perhaps first try re-installing it without having to uninstall it.

After coworker restarted mac, she could create new site without errors.
But hostname seems wrong, it end with dot. so she couldn’t access via https.

スクリーンショット 2021-07-27 16.13.28

@batty What exactly happens when you click on Open Site? What’s the URL it goes to?

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