Help importing a reverse proxy site


I am importing a reverse proxy site from Kinsta server. The import is working well but I get a 403 error when trying to access the site in the local env. I guess this is due to reverse proxy config being imported…

How can I clear the RP config so I can access the site in the local env. ? I guess I need to edit the .conf file but not sure what to do once open ?


Hi @dezpfab,
Thanks for reaching out! So this is kind of expected when you import a reverse proxy. You will get a 403 due to the RP being in a subdirectory. You can either move your site files UP one directory or modify your NGINX configuration’s root directory.

For example, for a subsite RP your files could be in ~/DevKinsta/public/SITENAME/blog
You can move everything out of blog and place it into ~/DevKinsta/public/SITENAME

Or you can edit ~/DevKinsta/nginx_sites/SITENAME.conf and edit the site root to include /blog:

After saving that file, you would need to restart the DevKinsta NGINX container from Docker Desktop:

Note that you will have to edit the NGINX configuration again if you ever restart DevKinsta/your computer.

There might be more steps depending on how your RP was set up. If none of this works please private message the URL of the site in MyKinsta to me and I can give you more detailed instructions/suggestions.

Hi @Kevin, thanks for the tip, it works well. I’ve used the “moving” folder technique. However, I encounter an issue. I get an infinite loop (ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS) on the HP.

Any idea on how to fix ? The issue is not present on the live site.

Thanks a lot,


Hi @dezpfab, maybe check your wp-config.php to see if anything in there is causing it. That’s usually the cause. Also feel free to private message your site’s URL to me and I can check what you have in MyKinsta to figure out what you may need to change in DevKinsta.