DevKinsta - 403 forbidden error


I have around 20 sites on Kinsta and finally decided to try DevKinsta.

I downloaded and installed devKinsta.
After that I did :

Add Site
Import from Kinsta
I select the one I want to test.

Installation went through. No errors or anything.

But when I click on Open Site, I am met with a 403 Forbidden error.
Also my WP Admin is grayed out

Any ideas how to fix it?
Also my Site path, leads to 3 folders like it is on my server. But my actual Wordpress installation is one of the folders so maybe I need to change that? I am not sure.

EDIT 1 : I changed the root folder in my ngix and my woprdpress admin works fine. My front-end tho isnt. I am stuck on loading and I think it tries to redirect me to my .com website

Hello @Petar_Marinov

Welcome to Kinsta Community!

Is this a Bedrock install? If it is and you changed the root path in NGINX, did you reload the NGINX afterward?

It should be done via terminal by typing service nginx reload, this restarts only the NGINX, if you restart the container the default values are restored.

If this doesn’t help, please tell me more about the site, what kind of WordPress site it is and it’s specifics.

Kind regards,
Vladimir M