How do you 'npm install' in docker volume?

Thank you for your reply and suggestion here @Gulshan_Negi :bowing_man:
As I could see though, the original poster seems to be using WSL based engine already (in the Docker Desktop) as it was mentioned above:

So yeah, I think the issue with the UNC path above is due to that WSL network path would need to be mapped to an actual local drive in Windows first
(with something like: net use z: \\wsl.localhost\docker-desktop-data
where z: can be changed with any local drive we want to map/assign for that network path - as long as they don’t exist on our local computer).

After that’s done, the path and its sub-folders and files could be accessed via CMD/PowerShell - similar to what I suggested in another post here (where Visual Studio code was unable to open/edit the WordPress files located in that WSL network path).