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I’m trying to open the code from devkinsta and it’s been impossible, it always throws errors at me. I’m on a PC with Windows 11 and WSL. The error that comes up when I try to run the code . command is the following: <3>WSL (4487) ERROR: CreateProcessParseCommon:789: Failed to translate \\wsl.localhost\docker-desktop-data\data\docker\volumes\DevKinsta\public\ . It basically redirects me to the main distro I have selected and I can’t do anything after that.

Hello @Gustavo_Adolfo_Ramir :wave: and welcome to Kinsta Community!

I’m not familiar with VSC (VSC = Visual Studio Code I assumed?) and am not really sure how to reproduce to run the code and to get the error you reported - I have never seen/experienced that WSL error message either generated in DevKinsta.

Was that error showed in the VSC (when you tried to run the code)? - if you could please send the screenshot of the error and any information.
If it was not showed in DevKinsta, I don’t think it’s DevKinsta related issue - and probably that might be related to either VSC settings, the WSL settings itself (and/or Docker Desktop/Engine) perhaps? :thinking:
Also, just wondering if you’ve installed WSL extension in your Visual Studio Code?

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Basically, I want to edit the code of my WordPress site. What I did was download my site which is hosted on Kinsta using DevKinsta. Everything works correctly, but when I want to edit my code, it’s impossible. I can’t open the site folder with cmd, PowerShell, or terminal. I can’t drag it from the image that was created to Visual Studio Code. In short, I can’t develop locally.

CMD.EXE se inició con esta ruta como el directorio actual. No se permiten
rutas UNC. Regresando de manera predeterminada al directorio Windows.

The system won’t let me attach images. Additionally, if I can’t use Visual Studio Code, how am I supposed to modify my files? I also have the WSL extension installed. Everything is set up correctly. In fact, I can access the distros I have installed with WSL on my computer. However, I can’t access that image and Docker where my site is on DevKinsta.

Hey @Gustavo_Adolfo_Ramir :wave:
The default directory DevKinsta uses for the sites’ files is C:\Users\YourUsername\DevKinsta\, are you able to open those?


C:\Users\tavor\DevKinsta\public this is my path, but It has nothing inside and when I click on the folder icon in devkinsta it opens the path

Oh, I see you are using WSL so the default path is not the one in use.
I don’t have a Windows machine available right now to make a test, but I believe you need to map the WSL path so that CMD can understand the UNC paths, perhaps using net use

I agreed with @Alessandro :slight_smile: if you would like to access that wsl path from the command line, you would need to map that network location into a “local drive” .
You could use the command with something like this:

net use z: \\wsl.localhost\docker-desktop-data

(you may change the z: part with any local drive you want to map/assign for that network path - as long as they don’t exist on your local computer).

After that you could just go to that new location you just mapped to that wsl network path, e.g.: z: (or your chosen one)

and in that new drive location, you can just perform cd command to data\docker\volumes\DevKinsta\public and you will see your site folder mysite

Like this for example:

Also, you would be able to see that drive you mapped to wsl network path, via windows explorer. Like this for example:

After that, I’m sure you should be able to edit the site’s files (php scripts, etc.) with your local editor/program - as those are now accessible under that local drive that’s mapped to WSL network path. So yeah, it’s actually not DevKinsta related issue but that WSL and network mapping related.

Hope that helps :smiley:


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