Edit site name/path/host in Site Info settings

Hi there,

Is there a way to change these base settings in the admin please?

We use a global theme we’d like to have pre-configured when starting a project. Setting it up on our Kinsta account and pulling it down using the ‘import from Kinsta’ tool works well except that the generic site name, URL etc. settings are obviously not right.

Thanks for the help and great tool otherwise!

Hi @wedigital ! Welcome to DevKinsta!

At the moment I’m afraid we don’t have a setting to rename a site from within DevKinsta. It’s possible by following similar steps as this but that may not be ideal for you and can be time consuming. Please consider adding this as a feature request though!

I recommending cloning the site on MyKinsta first then importing the newly created clone on DevKinsta.

Thanks Michael, will give this a go - hopefully a suitable solution while the admin customisation is built upon.

Thanks for your help.

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