Importing staging site from Kinsta fails after Downloading Remote Site step

DevKinsta successfully downloads the staging site and errors out as soon as Downloading Remote Site completes 100%. Please help. Attaching screenshot for reference.

I am using Import from Kinsta option on Create new Site screen.

Hi @Akshat_Kedia :wave:

Can you let us know which version of DevKinsta you’re using, your OS and version, and attach the main.log file from here? (in a DM preferably)

Also, can you please DM the hostname of your staging environment, so we can check out the server?

Best regards,

Hi @ZachE,

I cannot see an option to DM you. See screenshot below:

Hi there Akshat :wave: welcome to our community!

About that DM issue, most likely it’s due to that Zach’s user public profile is hidden currently (so normal users won’t be able to see the “Message” option to send direct message/DM to him).

Regarding the issue you reported, could you please let us know the following:

  1. Which version of DevKinsta you’re using ? and what’s the docker’s version you’re using as well?
  2. What Operating system and its version you’re using?

As for the main.log file - once you get it from your local computer , you may want to share to us here (or to me via DM), and please also share the hostname of your Staging environment/site in DM (to help us to check further).


Hi Agus,

DM’d you all the details.


Hey @Akshat_Kedia , as Agus is off duty he shared the log with me. Can you please:

  1. Close DevKinsta
  2. Delete current mainlog.log file
  3. Open DevKinsta and retry the import?

If this errors again, please share the new logfile with me.


Hey @Alessandro I was able to import the site now. Thank you for your help!

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That’s really great to hear! :+1:
So yeah most likely it was due to your “cache” sub-folder’s permission issue in the staging site (that I also mentioned via DM to you) - and that @Alessandro had to reset the files/folders permission there to fix it :slight_smile:
You’re most welcome Akshat! :bowing_man:


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