Installation on Mac hanging up at “Updating docker images”

I’m having similar problems to Installation on Mac hanging up at "Updating docker images"

Tailing the logs, DevKinsta is stuck at [info] [dockerUtil/isContainerExists] Check if 'devkinsta_db' container exists.

I do not have any DevKinsta containers in my Docker list, although I do see DevKinsta listed in the images section.

Hi @blcf, welcome to DevKinsta!

Did the firewall solution in that thread not work for you? Is there anything special about how your Mac security is set up? Can you also try force stopping DevKinsta, then starting it again?

With regards to firewall, I’m not sure why the other steps would work but it would be stuck on the check if devkinsta_db container exists step. I don’t think it’s the firewall.

I tried reinstalling DevKinsta but the same problem happens.

I also don’t have a firewall application, but we do have a corporate MDM and AV that I can’t interact with. That hasn’t stopped other Docker applications from working though.

If none of the Volumes or Containers are being created and you’re only seeing the Images, that could point to issues with your ports/firewall, that’s why that seemed like the most likely issue.

Perhaps the other steps in that thread would help. It could be Docker Desktop having issues. A complete reset of Docker could also be worth a shot.

Can you be more specific about what needs to be added to a firewall allow list? I can try going to a coffee shop for their wifi to see if the network provider is the problem.

Going into the Docker Desktop menu in the Mac menu bar and selecting “Check for Updates” fixed the problem.

My Docker version was old, and the DevKinsta installer didn’t know what to do if the Docker version was older than it expected. The DevKinsta installer just froze waiting for a message that would never come.

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