Installation on Mac hanging up at "Updating docker images"

My installation of DevKinsta is hanging up at “Updating docker images.”


Docker installed, although I had to install it independently of DevKinsta because DevKinska kept giving me the message it was unable to install Docker.

Surely I am not the first person to encounter this issue, but a search on the forum for "Updating docker images"produced no results.



Hi @derisley . Welcome to DevKinsta! I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble installing it. I’m happy to help.

When running Docker, do you see a list of containers similar to the screenshot below?

If so, could you try deleting all the containers with DevKinsta off? Then try relaunching DevKinsta and let me know if that works for you.

No, this is what I see (see screenshot):

Thank you for the screenshot @derisley . Do you have any firewall settings perhaps preventing it from being able to download the containers? For example, any antivirus or firewalls applications running on the computer itself.

Thanks. I added both DevKinsta and Docker Desktop App to my firewall’s list of approved to make connections, restarted my computer, and it worked.

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There is a problem from time to time (especially if you are using some VPN) where Docker will hang (not sure about the latest update as of today) but before.

Close Docker Desktop. After that manually kill the Docker process. Go to “Activity Monitor” and search for process “Docker”. Make sure it is one with a blue icon in the first column.

Open Docker Desktop, and run DevKinsta again.
I do believe everything should be good after this.

The problem is with Docker itself on Big Sur I think, not with DevKinsta, as DevKinsta can’t access docker manager to start containers.

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