Internet needed when starting DevKinsta

Currently, an internet connection is mandatory to start DevKinsta.
I do see this being a bit tricky, as almost all resources can be held locally, and I can use it in offline mode.

Just in this case, it is impossible to start the app :slight_smile:


For a local development application, this is a must-have. I enjoy being able to develop in places with no wifi. I’m hoping Kinsta prioritizes this for a future update.

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Completely agree @nemanjac @Graham_Hagenah

I’ve also stumbled into this issue having been without internet for a few days thanks to Typhoon Rai

@Kevin a simple skip button for the ‘updating docker containers’ step would be a huge help for those of us on slow or unreliable internet connections.

(see also to limit the bandwidth needed to mirror local from live).

I agree with Graham Hagenah: it’s a must-have for an local development environment. Until then, I’ll use local app from wpengine / flywheel. That works perfectly online.

Thanks for reviving this @schwarzpunkt. I have made sure that an “offline mode” is in the works for DevKinsta, I’ll be sure to update this thread as soon as that release goes live! I don’t have an ETA but can say that we are working hard this year to introduce the most needed/requested features to DevKinsta with fairly frequent updates.

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