Is it possible to add multiple publish directories with variables

Hello team,

I deployed a static site from WordPress.
The only challenges I encountered is the index.html files within the sub-directories.
I understand If I want to have the index.html to be accessible, I can put the relative path to the publish directory section when deploy.
But I have more than 20 sub-folders, and in each folder, there is the index.html.
the structure looks like this

I wonder is there a way to use a variable to represent all the product# part?
e.g /product-list/$somevariables$/


Hi @AleWarriorPrior :wave:

Welcome to the Kinsta Community!

Although, unlike our App hosting, our Static Site hosting in the MyKinsta Dashboard doesn’t currently have an option for environment variables. However, you might be able to set .env files for variables directly in your preferred Static Site builder.

We have a list of sample sites from popular static site builders that are compatible with our static site hosting. You can check and further investigate if the builder offers environment variables.

I hope that helps!